NQC is celebrating 10 years of leading innovations in quality improvement across the Ryan White community to advance HIV care.

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  • "Our HIV clinic wouldn't have a quality improvement program if it wasn't for the NQC. We have a thriving and successful clinic that puts quality and patient care first!"

    Aaron O'Brien, Charleston, SC

  • "Our quality assurance has been increased ten-fold. Thank you for helping us to be the best that we can be."

    Yours in the fight to combat HIV/AIDS, Jeff Allen

  • "The NQC Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) gave me the confidence to move forward in the HIV community and make sure there was room at the table for everyone."

    John Tenorio, Albuquerque, NM

  • "Involvement with the National Quality Center helped me personally understand not only how to navigate my own healthcare but also how to bring high quality care to others in my community."

    Adam Thompson, Marlton, NJ


Birth of the National Quality Center.

The New York State Department of Health receives initial funding to establish the National Quality Center and holds kickoff meeting with HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau on addressing quality improvement needs of Ryan White grantees.


Regional and consumer voices abound.

The HIVQUAL Regional Groups model is further expanded. NQC launches its very own dedicated Consumer Advisory Committee to ensure client voices inform all that it does. Streamlining improved technical assistance and information access, NQC initiates its own website.


Whether big or small, NQC helps them all.

NQC rolls out national quality improvement webinar series and the Part B Collaborative for state health departments nationwide. Carrying out its promise to bring quality improvement efforts to those in need, NQC launches the Low Incidence Initiative and holds a quality institute at the seminal HRSA Ryan White All-Grantee Meeting where grantees nationwide and across all Parts come to learn and grow.


Encouraging leadership, fostering growth.

Training providers is critical to addressing a disease as complicated as HIV. Training providers to train others, however, ensures continued workforce capacity. In 2007, NQC launches its Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Program, and rolls out the Quality Academy 'Internet-based learning modules' so that wherever grantees are based, they have access to top resources and trainings.


Shared learning, improved practice, continued evolution.

Encouraging community and shared learning, NQC launches the Cross-Part Collaborative across five states, gives out its first Quality Awards to exemplary grantees, and releases its first monthly newsletter and a revised Website. As the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program evolves, so does NQC with the creation of the Transitional Grant Area (TGA) Initiative.


More quality leaders, more quality resources.

NQC launches the Quality Link Program, prints an informational brochure, and launches its very own marketing campaign to increase awareness of resources available to Ryan White grantees. To continuously meet the training needs, NQC creates a Training Quality Leaders (TQL) Program, launches a fellowship program, and holds its first Part D Quality Improvement Conference.


More clinical services, more monitoring of care.

NQC creates myriad services focused on improving clinical care including the Training on Coaching Basics (TCB) Program, an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Maintenance of Certification Program, and a HIVQUAL Clinical Advisory Meeting.


Campaigning for care.

The launch of the in+care Campaign takes place, marking the largest national HIV-specific quality improvement initiative to date. Peer consultants, a national journal club, an animated video, and other campaign components are distributed across the country. Targeting efforts to the city with the highest seroprevalence in the country, NQC also rolls out the DC Collaborative.


Papers and progress.

NQC's HIVQUAL work is published in the Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved (JHCPU), and the HIVQUAL organizational assessment (OA) tool shows significant improvements with quality-related categories over time when programs have two or more OAs in place. Building on its TOT, TQL, and TCB work, NQC launches the Training of Consumers on Quality (TCQ) Program.


Sharing tools, improving assessments.

NQC facilitates the Part C/D Quality Improvement Initiative to foster shared learning across newly funded clinical sites and creates a Part A organizational assessment tool. NQC also transitions to Glasscubes, a 'shared drive working space' to facilitate access to information.


10-years of excellence, a bright future ahead.

NQC marks its 10-year anniversary and continues its track record of excellence. From evaluating its impact on the quality of HIV care nationwide to implementing the HIV Cross-Part Care Continuum Collaborative (H4C), NQC goes where provider needs exist. NQC has helped shape the national conversation of HIV quality improvement and, today, is part of a large community of grantees, providers, consumers, and funders who have both a platform to speak from and a will to keep improving.