Content related to interventions that are associated with improving linkage to care and rention in care for HIV+ individuals. Interventions fall into three categories--Those that have been tested and are considered evidence based, those that are in the process of being tested, and ideas that could become evidenced based practices but still need some work.


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Reasons for being out of care among persons living with Diagnosed HIV-Infection (PLWDHI)

Below are six data briefs showing the reasons for being out of care among PLWDHI in New York State.  PLWDHI were identified as part of Partner Services Data to Care work within the AIDS Institute.  The folder below has infographics for six of the New York Links jurisdictions.



Detailed Information about NY Links

+ NY Links Resources


Retention and Engagement of Patients

Browse our resources from leaders in the HIV field on retention and patient engagement

+ Linkage and Retention Resources


Attached below are the exam and waiting room posters, brochures and clinic staff pocket guides used in the “A low-effort, clinic-wide intervention improves attendance for HIV primary care” study, published in Clinical Infectious Diseases in October 2012.

English--EXAM Rm Poster-HIGH Res (643.29 KB)
Spanish-EXAM Rm Poster-HIGH Res (640.75 KB)
English-WAIT Rm Poster-HIGH Res (1.09 MB)
Spanish-WAIT Rm Poster-HIGH Res (1.09 MB)
Creole-WAIT Rm Poster-HIGH res (1.42 MB)
English- retention in Care Study Brochure-Brooklyn STAR Clinic (564.68 KB)
Spanish- retention in Care Study Brochure-Brooklyn STAR Clinic (565.65 KB)
Creole- retention in Care Study Brochure-blank (569.54 KB)
Pocket Guide-Clinic Staff_FINAL (431.14 KB)
Pocket Guide-Primary Care Clinicians_FINAL (435.33 KB)


The Evidence Base for Improving Entry into and Retention in HIV Care

Webinar l The Evidence Base for Improving Entry into and Retention in HIV Care - A Review of International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) Guidelines and Discussion of Their Application in NY Links

Dr. Michael Mugavero, a lead author on the IAPAC Guidelines, led a webinar on the guidelines for NY Links participants on January 8, 2013.

If you missed this webinar live or would like to share it with other staff at your agency, please click here to access the slides. Once you open the link press play in the bottom left hand corner of the window and click "View Full Screen" in your browser.


Consumer Involvement Resources

Learn how to involve consumers in your quality management program

+ Consumer Involvement Resources


IAPAC Materials

Please also find below a 2-page snapshot of the IAPAC Guidelines.

+ The Evidence Base for Improving Entry into and Retention in HIV Care

+ Innovative Uses of Surveillance Data to Respond to the HIV Epidemic


Medscape "Retention in HIV Care" Series

We are pleased to announce the publishing of Dr. Bruce Agins’ article "Retention in HIV Care: The Scope of the Problem" in the Medscape series.

Dr. Agins’ article is the first in the series, in which leaders in the clinical research field of HIV retention address key issues and implementation strategies to improve retention in care.